1. Can I bring my own alcohol? Yes.

2. Are glass bottles allowed? No.

3. Can we bring our own food and drinks? Yes.

4. Can we set up a display on camp? Yes.

5. Are totems/flags allowed? Yes.

6. Will there be camping gear sold on site? No.

7. Are pets allowed? No.

8. Can we bring our own generator? Yes.

Is there Wifi? No.

9. Are there showers? Yes, there are free outdoor showers.

10. Are there free water stations? Yes.

11. Is there a medic on site? Yes.

12. Is there security in camping area? Yes.

13. Can we switch from party camp to quiet camp or vise versa? Yes, before the event starts. Once you are in your spot, you will not be permitted to move.

15. Will tickets be sold at the door? Yes, until sold out.

16. Are grills allowed for cooking? Yes, propane only.

17. Knives allowed for cooking? Yes.

18. Will there be a general store on site? Yes, our gereral store will be open for most of the event and will be selling some basic essentials.

19. Are we assigned camp space prior to event or first come? First come first serve.

20. Can one day ticket holders enter camp area? Yes. However, one day ticket holders will not have the choice of where to park and will park wherever OTG staff designates.

21. Are there charging stations? No.

22. Will food be sold 24/7? There will be food 2-4 vendors available at the event however it is highly unlikely they will be open 24/7.

23. What time are vendors open and closed? Each vendor will have their open and close times.

24. Can we have a DJ set up in our camp area? Renegade sound systems will not be permitted.

25. Are vendors accepting all forms of payment? Yes.

26. When do gates open? Gates open Friday at 12pm.

27. Is there in and outs to the event? No.

28. Can I enter the event at any time? Yes

29. How big is the camping space? There is no set amount of space and there is in fact ample amount of camping space.

30. Is there a limit to the number of people per camp space? No.

31. Are there washing stations or just porta potties? Yes, there are both Porta Potties & Washing Stations.

32. Can we bring in media gear? (DSLRs / Video Cameras etc.?) Yes.

33. Are camp fires allowed? No, no open flames or camp fires permitted. 

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